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Our mission is to transform the use of LPG into a safer and easier experience for everyone. Our lightweight, safer cylinders are in use worldwide across a wide range of domestic and leisure applications, bringing confidence in the use of LPG.

LPG, a clean burning fuel

There are more than 1,000 applications of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) which contribute to all the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) either directly or indirectly in a range of ways. The industry is constantly innovating in ways that help to provide safe, sustainable solutions .

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Our mission is to transform the use of LPG into an easier and safer experience for everyone. Our increased focus on safety, ease of use, high corrosion resistance and design, benefits both LPG marketers and their customers worldwide.


A range of composite LPG cylinders baptized “Calypso” was the first of its kind introduced in France. The cylinders have a unique casing bearing the traditional red and green colours of the company.


BEYFIN S.p.A is one of Italy’s largest LPG marketers, with more than half a million cylinder customers. In 2014, Beyfin introduced our composite LPG cylinders under the brand name BBox as the first ones in Italy. 

Eastern Petroleum

In September 2013, Eastern Petroleum introduced our composite LPG cylinders under the brand name EC Gas. Its unique franchise system helped expansion into domestic LPG distribution.

Kosan Gas

The Kosangas Light cylinder was introduced in 2001 under BP ownership, then subsequently baptised BP Gas Light. Denmark was chosen as the pilot country for the launch within the BP network.

Innovation in every cylinder

Manufacturing is done in-house and fully automated so we can offer the most efficiently-produced composite LPG cylinders in the world.

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The leading manufacturer of composite LPG cylinders. Uncompromising quality and safety to help LPG marketers increase market share and build customer loyalty.

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