We are at the forefront of developing innovative alternative
fuel solutions for maritime applications with hydrogen and natural gas


LNG Capacity

With a tank capacity of 7,500 m³, Kairos is the world's largest LNG bunker supply ship and it uses a novel Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) system with Hexagon tanks for the ship's dual-fuel propulsion engines


Hydrogen Vessel

We are proud to supply high-pressure hydrogen tanks for the first hydrogen fuel cell vessel in the US


Intermodal Options

Our modules are designed and were tested for intermodal shipments, including by truck, rail and marine

Hexagon Mobile Pipeline

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Hexagon Purus is the world leading supplier of lightweight Type 4 high-pressure tanks and systems for the storage and distribution of compressed gases, in particular hydrogen, natural gas and biogas.

Mobile Pipeline

Hexagon’s Mobile Pipeline® solutions enable safe distribution of CNG, biogas and industrial gases and are increasingly used to provide gas delivery where a pipeline does not exist.

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